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Two true crime podcast sisters get the scoop of a lifetime when they are given intimate details about a murder cover-up in their hometown.

Murder Podcast

Two sisters discussing true crime murders while baking in the kitchen and sharing recipes in a True Crime Comedy Improv podcast. 

Sugar Coated Murder Podcast

A Truly Unique Experience

The True Crime genre is perhaps the largest in the world of podcasting. This one is truly unique amongst the rest! Karen and Anne are warm and inviting – like the feeling you get when you visit your two favorite aunties! They not only keep you smiling with their personalities while ironically telling you crime stories, but they also bake sweet, delicious treats while doing so. This is a must-listen podcast!

Sugar Coated Murder Episodes

My absolute favorite

Just can’t get enough of these sisters! My fav podcast. Hilarious and captivating! A must follow on Instagram as well!

Sweet show and unsweet criminals!

Love the coverage this pod does and the sweets aspect!? AMAZING! I already have a sweet tooth, so that makes it all so much more tempting.

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Addicted to this Podcast!!

Wow! Finally a podcast that I look forward to! I absolutely love these gal’s personality, humor, and content. (Not to mention they do it all while talking and sharing their baking secrets). I was so bored with the other murder/mystery podcasts and I’m SOOOO happy I found “Sugar Coated Murder”! The only time I get disappointed is when I have to wait for the next episode.

Mmmmm Bourbon

Love love love these 2!!! Top on my list for sure! I’m completely caught up and now wait weekly for the next episode to drop. These 2 sisters are hilarious, sweet, caring, serious when necessary. They don’t (or try not to) use the F word cause momma’s listening! Fun banter throughout each podcast. Just so relatable. Keep up the good work ladies!! Cheers!

Latest Murder Podcast Episodes

Sugar Coated Murder | Episode 119

Sugar Coated Murder | Episode 119

Velvet Vocals, An Old Hollywood Murder, and Caramel Apple Pull Apart BreadWe welcome and friend and fellow indie podcaster, Antonio Palacios of The Cultworthy Podcasts. While Anne bakes an easy and delicious recipe for Caramel Apple Pull Apart Bread, Antonio unleashes...

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Sugar Coated Murder | Episode 118

Sugar Coated Murder | Episode 118

Spooky Stories – OctoBoo 2022Happy Halloween, Y’all! In this final OctoBoo series of 2022, it’s Karen’s turn to break out the spooky stories, but can she complete the task? She talks about creepy stuff happening at the Magnolia Cemetery in Charleston, SC. There are...

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Two true crime podcast sisters get the scoop of a lifetime when they are given intimate details about a murder cover-up in their hometown.

How does a small-town good-natured teneager land on a kill list? A toxic friendship out of control results in a murder.

On a clear Friday night, three classmates gather. A shot rings out and one is dead, but no one knows for over two years.

It has teenage rebellion gone unchecked, a deadly collaboration and The Plan there’s no turning back from once set in motion.

The podcasters shine light on the forgotten victim and resurrect this important case in the biggest event of his young life.


What the Experts Say

“In the legacy of Truman Capote’s In Cold Blood, Varner and DeVanie have captured the twisted story of Mike Jervey, and the essence of the small town Franklin, Virginia crime…killing a teenager. The Sugar Coated Podcast sisters take you to back to the 1990s world of Friday Night Lights, Dairy Queens and police cover ups to deliver a rollercoaster of a tale that will give you goosebumps and make you stay up all night reading about a crime that hits close to their home and hearts.”

Jodé Millman

Award-winning author of Hooker Avenue and The Midnight Call.

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